“Advanced Customer Care”

Become more confident in delivering high-quality customer care

Develop effective customer care strategies

Build customer oriented team

Handle complaints and view complaints as opportunities

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“Course Advanced Customer Care”

Importance of customer care

Understand the importance of customer care. Develop an understanding of what is involved in effective customer care. Focus on the customer by identifying and meeting customer needs.

Customer care strategies

The crucial importance of developing effective and cohesive customer care strategies. Learn how to plan a good customer care strategy. Five winning strategies for customer care team that will impact on customer's satisfaction and engagement.

Customer Care Team Culture

Learn how to create customer focused team and how to increase team performance. Best practices for building customer culture.

Advanced Training & Development for Effective Customer Care Startegies

The importance of investing in training and development of customer care team. Build training and development strategies for the teams on the ‘frontline’ in a customer care setting. How to make a good first impression. How to give excellent customer service. How to deal with different kinds of customers

Handling complaints

Which are the most common type of complaints. Learn how to handle complaints and view complaints as opportunities. Effective strategies for transforming negative experiences into positives.

Importance of Feedback in Customer Care

Examine the importance of customer behaviour analysis. Learn how to collect and analyse customer feedbacks. How to build customer loyalty and increase sales.


20 hours