“Basic Business Administration”

Examine modern management challenges Examine the factors for successful administration of a business

Examine a firm’s internal and external business environments Develop analytical and planning skills

Examine decision-making tools Develop effective leadership skills

Analyze the most important strengths of the human resources of the organization in order to control management, financial and operational business plans.

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“Course Basic Business Administration”

Introduction to Business Administration

Understand key aspects of business administration, defining the term and exploring a variety of business types. The importance of business administration services. The impact of the business environment in general.

Strategic Management

Learn how a manager develops a business strategy, including analyzing the market and creating competitive advantage. Planning and decision making processes. Learn how to hire the best people, develop them and keep them excited to work for your organization.

Human Resource Management

Understand the basics of human resource management. Learn how to create more collaboration and knowledge sharing across your company. Examine the best practices in talent acquisition management. Develop a deeper understanding of the different aspects of people management.

Business Communication

Understand the importance of communication skills in business. Develop interpersonal skills that contribute to effective personal, social and professional relationship. Learn how to manage successful team meetings. Understand how to communicate with diverse audiences. Writing business letters.

Marketing and Customer Services

Understand the basics of marketing and customer services. Learn how marketing can benefit your business. Understand psychology of consumer decision making. Why the right business marketing plan can change the company's performance.


20 hours