We are Legion

The success stories of people who graduated Advance Academy are directly related to the inspirers, instigators, and the most valuable resource of the academy - our teachers. They are specialists who work on international projects, develop corporate solutions. They are always ready to pass on their knowledge to anyone who wants to become part of the IT world.

We from Advance Academy are always looking for inspirers, willing to help us in the development of the IT sector in Varna. People who believe that there is a life outside Sofia and are ready to pass on their knowledge to future enthusiasts who want to learn and develop. If you believe in our values, if you think you can work with people and have always wanted to be on the other side of the classroom, then let's get to know each other.

Write to us on office@advanceacademy.bg with brief information about yourself, what technology or programming language you would like to develop a training program for and we will contact you.

Please, add your personal data in these fields:

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Our teachers

Виктор Тодоров

Senior Full Stack Developer

Паскал Новаков

Web E-commerce Еngineer

Даниел Джелебов

SQA Engineer

Александър Василев

JavaScript Developer

Калина Иванова

Web Developer

Сияна Николова

Web Developer

Даниела Зидарова

Web Developer

Тихомир Маринов

Web Developer

Радослав Петков

Game Developer

Джулиян Овчаров

Software Engineer

Марин Филчев

Senior Software Engineer

Валерия Савова

Team Lead

Любомир Любомиров

Content Marketing

Искра Евтимова

Marketing Specialist, Trainer

Неви Коева

Email Marketing

Станислав Тодоров

Digital Marketing Expert

Бойко Проданов

Sales Director

Явор Кьосев

Video Marketing Specialist

Стефани Станчева

Marketing Specialist

Цветан Величков

SEO Team lead