About Advance Academy

Advance Academy is an educational START UP launched in 2017. The Academy is the largest and most modern IT training center in Eastern Bulgaria, licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training. The portfolio includes courses for beginners and advanced levels in some areas - Information Technology and Digital Marketing, which are among the most developed STEM programs for children from 1st to 12th grade. For third year in a row, the Academy conduct courses in Front End, Quality Assurance, PHP, Java, Digital Marketing, JavaScript, .NET, React.JS and much more. For the students, Advance Academy developed a STEM educational program for children in grades 1 through 12, which is level-tested and covers the algorithmic and web programming.

All Advance Academy courses are developed by top senior developers, working on projects for Carrefour, Walt Disney, Western Union, UPS and more. The trainings are in accessible language with sufficient examples and the major aim is with the help of many practical tasks, to help people who are willing and without experience to enter the extremely interesting world of programming.

Adriyana Miteva

Co-founder & CEO

Adriyana Miteva is the Executive Director of Advance Academy. Master's degree in Corporate Marketing and Human Resources Management. Consultant on European projects for a number of companies. She is responsible for administrative activities and development programs of Advance Academy.

Stanislav Todorov

Co-founder & Marketing Director

Stanislav Todorov is a marketing director of Advance Academy and an expert with 15 years of experience. Bachelor of Finance, Master of Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He is responsible for business development, financial operations and marketing campaigns of Advance Academy.