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Programming is not just a fashion but a profession of the future. The demand for IT professionals is growing, so we at Advance Academy have created professional hands-ontraining in software engineering and digital marketing to give you the skills and knowledge you need in the Web world. The statistics in the country and worldwide represent professions such as SEO specialist, .Net Developer, PHP Developer, Front-End Developer, Quality Assurance Specialist as some of the most desired.

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Training with lots of practice, not only dry theory Training with lots of practice, not only dry theory

In Advance Academy we know that theory cannot give you the knowledge you need. Our accelerated beginner courses are run by active senior developers with experience in projects for Carrefour, Walt Disney, Western Union, UPS. They will help you master everything in hands-on training working as a team or over individual projects. Programming and digital marketing courses are consistent with software engineering and information technology innovations. For more than two years our lecturers have been transferring their knowledge and skills in practical courses in the fields of programming and digital marketing, which Advance Academies conducts in Varna. The acquired skills after the courses of Advance Academy will allow you to successfully start acareer in the sphere of IT sector and Digital Marketing.

Job in the IT sector Job in the IT sector

Advance Academy will offer you a variety of courses, both beginner and advanced levels. Our classes are suitable for people of all ages - from students to working people.

It is never too late to start a successful career or enroll your children in some of our student courses.

You can enrich your knowledge or gain new knowledge in Information Technology, Software Engineering, Web Programming, Software Testing or Digital Marketing.

You will receive:

  • An accelerated program in Bulgarian with many examples and practical tasks.
  • State certificate issued by the Ministry of Education, with EuroPass application recognized in the European Union.
  • Contact and internship opportunities at some of the largest IT companies.
  • Written recommendations for the best students.
  • An opportunity for a change in your life, that will lead to professional growth, attractive salary and social benefits in the IT sector. You can be the next one.

You can be the next one.

Successful stories

Licensed education center

License for professional education is a licensed Vocational Training Center by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training with License №2017121366

Сертификат за обучение Advance Academy issues a Certificate of Completed Training for all students who have successfully completed the training course, for all specialties regardless of their level and duration. This document has been recognized as official by a number of IT companies, both in Varna and Bulgaria.

Certificate MON is licensed to issue, for certain courses, a Certificate of Professional Training for parts of the Profession "Programmer", Educational Specialty "Software" with code 4810101 and Profession "Associate in Marketing Activities", Specialty "Marketing Studies" with code - 3420201, as well and a Certificateof Vocational Training for updating or extending the acquired professional qualification.

Our teachers

Teachers of Advance Academy are Senior developers of companies. They are working on projects for Carrefour, Walt Disney, Western Union, UPS. They are Marketing specialists, part of companies like Videnov, Football club Ludogorets, Nestle Bulgaria, Aitiss and others.

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